If you do not already have an account, click the link below you will be redirected to create your account; HERE! From this or any other link from a friend of yours for example, you will be earning 1 GN (period). – ABOUT THE COMPANY: Gokano is a company from Poland (Poland), which offers services […]

Well, I know I’ve been gone! But I intend to reward them with a great recommendation. Knows the “Let the Rock Roll“? Not! The “Let the Rock Roll” is a blog/website and a facebook page, which are posted daily, news, trivia, advice videos, music, and every month traser one super promotion. Is hoping to get […]

Well, summer has arrived and this is not news to anyone, the heat of 40 degrees with wind chill of 60 degrees came to take trends summer and puts them into practice, style beachy to casual city, it is time to enjoy and use what we have seen trends. T-shirt + Floral shirt with black […]

Well, the story today is about the cruelty that animals are attacked. More before officially starting that matter, would like to congratulate the “Mercy for Animals – (MFA)” which focuses primarily on advocacy on behalf of farm animals, MFA¬†performs a series of campaigns aimed at educating the public about animal protection issues and to encourage […]